Case Study:

Adu Clothing Co.

Adu Clothing Co. is a trending online clothing store that parades black excellence. Its iconic spin on the classic Creation of Adam painting by Michaelangelo has intrigued people all over the world.

Progress Package

Prisca has been very pivotal to the development of my company. Her combination of creativity and business savviness is unmatched. Basically, the company couldn’t have been built without her help and vision. Prisca is also a very fast learner and steps up to any challenge that’s put in front of her. From teaching us how to manage and submit state sales taxes to conducting photoshoots and making sure models are in place– she did it all! In our marketing meetings, she was aggressive, making sure the marketing team understood our points and executed our plan. With our customer service issues, she was patient and made sure she understood the customers’ needs. She always found solutions without being asked. I 100% recommend her to any business that’s looking for a selfless leader that just gets the job done.

Complex Problem

Needing assistance to build an online retail store from the ground up and allowing the CEO to focus on his designs and sales skills.

Simple Solution

We managed all processes surrounding the administrative side of the business. Also, we handled communication with third-party vendors and ensured that deadlines were met from sampling to production. Planning and coordination are an essential part of the fashion world, and Prisca International partnered with Adu Clothing Co. to make sure every event, photoshoot, or pop-up shop was executed seamlessly.


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