Case Study:


Simone is a mid-level professional currently working at a Fortune 500 company. Her extensive portfolio makes her a high-ranking candidate in most job opportunities, but her goal is to land her dream job.

Purpose Package

Before I started searching for a new job I was lost, overwhelmed, and didn’t know where to start. Then I began working with Prisca on developing my resume and receiving coaching on career guidance and everything turned around. I left each of our calls feeling so inspired and one step closer to being on the right path. I went from feeling very overwhelmed with little direction, to having an accountability partner with a plan that she ensured we executed timely. The resume and cover letter that I was able to create with Prisca is superior to the industry standard and has allowed me to enter into rooms that I didn’t believe I would have access to.

Complex Problem

Remaining loyal to a company where she has had extremely positive experiences but wants to explore the possibilities of a career that could capitalize on her creative strengths.

Simple Solution

We first determined when Simone wanted to submit her first application and reverse-engineered the steps that would be necessary to meet her deadline. Our weekly Pulse Checks™ consisted of one-on-one interviews to learn more about what she was looking for and why she was so unhappy in her current role. From there, it was exploring the excitement she expressed every time she spoke about certain companies and positions and learning more about what she is truly passionate about. Our final steps were actioning all that we learned into collaborating on her resume which we transformed from a two-page data dump of her past roles into a clean, high-level overview of a creative candidate with a colorful background.


Simplify your most complex problems.