Names are Powerful

From an early age, I was always reminded that names have power. When you were born, your parents named you, and since then, everyone has referenced you as such. In every room, every mail correspondence, and every official document, you have been called by that name. It is the reason some people choose to change their names at a point because of the lingering effects that a name can carry.

When you decide to name something, especially a business, keep this sentiment in mind. Whatever name you give it is how it will be identified in every conversation. How would you like your business to be recognized and remembered in a sea of other businesses? There are a few things to consider when brainstorming your business name:

1. What type of business am I creating?

2. What feeling do I want people to get when they see or say my business name?

3. Is this a unique name in my industry?

When I created my company, it was not a difficult decision to choose a name. For so long, my name has been a conversation starter. It has been misspelled on every Chickfila order and mispronounced in every phone call. People have even tried to add extra syllables to my name and call me Priscilla. As I got older, it made me want to research what my name means and what I found completely changed my life. Prisca (derived from the Latin word priscus) means ancient or venerable. As I dug a little deeper, the dictionary defines the word venerable as being accorded a great deal of respect, especially because of age, wisdom, or character. I immediately texted my parents and thanked them profusely. It was as if my entire life was summed up in the understanding of my name, and it sounds dramatic, but I received so much clarity. Prisca. Naming my consulting company after myself was deeper than feeding my ego; it was defining the direction that I wanted to take my company and everyone I will ever work with. When I envisioned Prisca International, I saw a brand that would help people worldwide and garner respect because of its mission, integrity, and accelerated growth. By picking a business name that had meaning, I grew increasingly excited about the possibilities of its effects on my journey.

If you are struggling to find a name, whether for your business or even your baby, think about the impact you want it to have in the future. If you want your business to be an attention-grabber, brainstorm unique names that you have never heard of. If you want to give birth to a leader or a president, consider names that have meanings associated with those qualities. If you have never researched your name before, I challenge you to do a quick search on the meaning of your name and call your parents to ask about the idea or thought process behind naming you. You will be surprised at what you find and the conversations that will stem from this simple inquiry.