Every Company is a Technology Company

Every company is and should be a technology company because every company should have defined systems and processes in how they operate. These systems should be approached scientifically in that they should be constantly hypothesized, tested, analyzed, and concluded with an affirmed or new stance for the business.

Tell Your Story

Unfortunately, sometimes we keep our story away from people who need it most. In our personal lives, it could be with our friendships, relationships, etc. In business, it could be with our employees or customers. Often, when history is hidden, it is bound to repeat itself. This is not to say that sharing your story could prevent the next World War, but information makes all the difference.  

Ask Questions

By asking questions, you are never left at the mercy of misinformation. You can gather your own data and make solid decisions that may save you time, money, or your mental or physical health.  

The Body Talks

It is difficult to negate the power of communication, but we do tend to forget the weight of non-verbal communication. All too often, the focus is placed on what we say. However, with non-verbal communication, you are paying attention to the communicator’s body. Their eye contact, posture, and gestures are adding color to the story that you may be completely ignoring. 

Train Your Left Hand

Your “left hand” represents the things you are not too fond of doing because they are boring, difficult, or unbearable. Maybe you do not trust yourself to fully handle tasks in those areas, but a lot of times we miss a moment to actually try something new.  

Please Don’t Crash

There are people in this world that need you and I, whether any of us realize it. No matter how useless or pointless you may feel at times, I never want you to forget that you are an answer to someone’s question. You and I cannot afford to crash because the people and systems that depend on us expect for us to be available when we say we will.

Shameless Plug

The term “shameless plug” refers to someone using any opportunity they have to promote their own self-interest. Although the connotation of the word may be a bit negative, I must admit that I respect the effort. 

Plan to Pivot

Sometimes we can be so rigid in our plans that we panic when things change instead of pivot. Panic is defined as an uncontrollable fear or anxiety that affects your behavior or thinking. If you have experienced this sensation before, you know it is uncomfortable! 

Consistency is Key

Consistency is less about your audience, and more about you. Learning to be committed to something is a life skill that will translate into your business, relationships, and family. Also, with the time that you devote to a task, you are constantly learning how to improve because you are doing it so often.

The Student Remains a Student

There is a sense of humility that is instilled and cultivated as a student that will empower you. As a student, you naturally hunger for more information. You can come to your teacher with questions, and like a sponge, soak up the knowledge that they surround you with.