An image of a man taking a dive into his own head

It’s All In Your Head

It is becoming a trend that my blog ideas stem from conversations that I have during a given week. In this case, the conversation only confirmed what I had been thinking about for quite some time. My video call with a talented, boudoir photographer was filled with gems that she shared about her business, networking, and marketing. Towards the end of a brief, yet insightful meeting, we aligned on a basic truth: It’s all in your head.  

Close your eyes and imagine all your great ideas having a performance in your mind with an audience of one! This is what happens every time you keep your visions to yourself. If you are an artist, it may be your creative videos. For a business owner, there may be certain processes or systems that you have to initiate.  Every single person has something they could be working on, bringing to life, sharing with the world… and then it never happens. It bothers me because that is your gift to at least one other person on the planet, and you keep it to yourself. Why? 

Is it Fear? 

  • It can be unsettling to share something for the first time. When you finally muster the courage to post something you have been working on, it is hard not to be afraid of the feedback. One of the easiest things to do is to criticize, and people are not retiring anytime soon. You could pour your heart and time into your work just for someone to destroy it with one comment. Something I try to remind myself every day is to do it for that one person. I write my blogs for that one person who may need to be challenged. You may only have one employee, but you should document your standard procedures to make their work life easier. When you do it for that one person, you will not be easily swayed by the crowds.  

Is it Laziness? 

  • What do you do when a great thought comes to you? At the very least, make it your goal to write everything down! My notes are filled with one-liners, phrases, and ideas that come to me randomly throughout my day. I may never do anything with them, but by writing them down, I give the seeds a chance. If I could assign a random statistic that sounded believable, I would say about 80% of good plans die because of laziness. God blessed us all with the most incredible processing machine called a brain, and many of us leave ours in sleep mode. History remembers those who refuse to be selfish with their ideas. 

Is it Helplessness? 

  • Sometimes, the thoughts that come into your head can be overwhelming. You may have these elaborate dreams that seem pointless to pursue because of how many factors are at play. If you do not have the resources, time, or partners necessary to bring your dreams to fruition, you may dismiss them completely. People say I am positive to a fault, but I firmly believe that there is always a way. I do not believe your mind would torture you with a goal that was not possible. When you start to take tiny steps, you will see how tangible the staircase really is. This is why I am adamant about this topic… Don’t keep all the good ideas in your head where no one can reach them! You would be surprised who is willing to help you if you let them.  

I created my first guide this week, and at first, I was nervous to start. I have wanted to create something like this for a while, but I thought I was not creative enough to design it myself. Also, the thought of having to take what was in my mind and articulate it to a wide audience felt very daunting. As I flip through the pages, I am in awe of what I created. It may not be impressive to the world, but I created it for that one person who may really need the information to support their business. So, my challenge to you is this: Reflect on some ideas that have been weighing on you heavily this year. Act on one of them and share with at least one other person.  

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