Product Spotlight: Learning a Language with Preply

Setting and accomplishing goals requires a great deal of discipline and determination. I have been extremely motivated this year as I continue to pursue my mission and explore ways to simplify complex challenges. I studied Spanish in high school and college because I always had a strong affinity for the language and culture, however, I never had an ambition to become fluent. I am learning that if you do not attach a “why” or purpose to any activity, you will eventually get tired of it. It is easier to stay consistent with your gym regimen when preparing for a summer vacation or study consistently when you know you have an upcoming test. I have found that setting personal and business targets has made me a lot more productive, so when I decided to study Spanish again, I was ready to commit 100%. The challenge was finding a simple way to learn, so I hope to save you several steps with this month’s Product Spotlight: Preply.  

Let’s start with my “why”. Spanish is a universal language spoken by millions. The U.S. has the second-largest population of Spanish speakers, and I honestly was tired of being left out of the circle. As I worked with different executives, business owners, vendors, and contractors, I realized how much more effective I would be if I could converse in Spanish. Also, people are more comfortable when they can relate to you through language. With 4 years of Spanish classes under my belt, I was not a lost cause, but I would have to dedicate a lot of time to reach my goal.  

After researching through ChatGPT, Google, and Reddit, I stumbled upon Destinos. This telecourse created in the 90s teaches Spanish in a captivating way. You follow along a dramatic story that features conversational Spanish, narrations, and a character who breaks the fourth wall to slowly recap each episode. Teachers always suggest immersion as a great way to learn a language, and this series was a helpful supplement to my journey. I committed to 1-2 hours each day and found myself becoming more confident with every lesson. 

As I progressed, I became more excited and felt the need to challenge myself. Life’s responsibilities would not allow for me to live in Columbia for a year, but I thought to myself, how do I mimic that experience? At first, I searched for pen pal sites where I could practice my Spanish with a native. As I scrolled through a few options (gracias a Dios por Google Ads lol), I stumbled on Preply and was blown away by the functionalities.  

  1. Diverse 
  • Founded in 2012, Preply leverages its global network of tutors to make learning more accessible. I was pleasantly surprised by the number of languages offered on this platform. When I was sharing Preply with my husband one evening, we checked and confirmed that they even have Igbo, a language spoken in Nigeria! I also love that you can customize your experience based on your objectives. Each tutor’s profile features their resume, reviews, teaching methodologies, and more. When you sign up for their class, you take a placement test to help gauge your skill level and tailor your lessons. This means anyone is welcome on the platform, whether you are just getting started or polishing your skills.  
  1. Affordable 
  • Affordability is one of the key benefits of Preply. Since these are tutors from all over the world, you see very competitive and dynamic pricing. I have seen lessons starting anywhere from $3 per 50-minute lesson. You also get to select your tutor, so you can find people that fit within your budget. Like anything in life, you get what you pay for, so be willing to invest in your education and select someone who truly aligns with your needs. 
  1. Flexible  
  • Since you are working with independent tutors, you can book classes directly based on their availability. The platform suggests 3 lessons a week, but you can decide the cadence that best suits your schedule. You also do not have to use the same tutor each time, and after your first trial lesson, you have the option to try someone new if it is not a good fit. Preply offers subscription plans where you prepay monthly for a specified number of lessons. Since this feature does not include a discount, I view it as an automatic reminder that you are paying for something that you should be using.  

So far, I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Preply. Your lesson includes access to their video conferencing software, so you do not have to worry about giving out your phone number or meeting elsewhere. I appreciate the exposure that I have gained by connecting with their diverse network and practicing Spanish with native speakers. If you have been considering studying a new language, click here to learn more and get started. 

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Disclosure: Hi Genius! Heads up: I have included an affiliate link in this post. If you find it as awesome as I do and make a purchase, I may earn a little something to replace the ink in my pens. Thank you for being part of the journey! 

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