Wake Up Mr. West!

I believe everyone should have a “wake-up song.” A wake-up song should be a song you play at the very beginning of your day. Having a wake-up song is much deeper than feeling good. It is starting your day and creating a powerful atmosphere in your space. 

Why You?

People will tell you to focus your energy and “free time” on the things you are passionate about which makes perfect sense. If I have a strong liking for something or am extremely devoted to it, why wouldn’t I put my all into it? However, many people believe that passion just falls into your lap. Unfortunately, life rarely works that way.

Spend Money to Make Money

I was the type of person who would go to the mall and only buy one thing because the exchange at the cash register gave me heart palpitations. In the back of my mind, I knew I was not frugal by nature, but this was just the best way to manage our struggle. As I got older, I understood the importance of seed time and harvest, and I would like to focus on this for anyone internally battling with releasing.  

Names are Powerful

From an early age, I was always reminded that names have power. When you were born, your parents named you, and since then, everyone has referenced you as such. In every room, every mail correspondence, and every official document, you have been called by that name. It is the reason some people choose to change their names at a point because of the lingering effects that a name can carry.

Find a Way

Without giving too much away (so you still go out and read the book), The Third Door emphasizes that in life, there is always a way. Whether you are let in through the front or have to sneak in through the back, the path is there. Successful people are defined as those who are desperate enough to keep looking for this path even when they are told “no”.

Managing Your Day

As an entrepreneur, the best and potentially worst thing that could ever happen to you is to gain the freedom of time. The construct of a 9-5, Monday – Friday schedule is completely made up, but it works, and it is still being adopted by most companies.