Shameless Plug

Although the connotation of the word may be a bit negative, I must admit that I respect the effort. 

Plan to Pivot

It is natural to panic or have anxiety when you are greeted with bad news. Planning to pivot means you are willing to make a move that will change your circumstances.

Consistency is Key

Learning to be committed to something is a life skill that will translate into your business, relationships, and family.

The Student Remains a Student

As a student, you naturally hunger for more information. You can come to your teacher with questions, and like a sponge, soak up the knowledge that they surround you with.

Wake Up Mr. West!

Having a wake-up song is much deeper than feeling good. It is starting your day and creating a powerful atmosphere in your space. 

Why You?

Many people believe that passion just falls into your lap. Unfortunately, life rarely works that way.

Find a Way

The Third Door emphasizes that in life, there is always a way. Successful people are defined as those who are desperate enough to keep looking for a path even when they are told “no”.

Managing Your Day

As an entrepreneur, the best and potentially worst thing that could ever happen to you is to gain the freedom of time.